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What Exactly Is Business setup in dubai?

UAE Family Visa, also known as a dependent visa, is a type of visa required if you intend to enter the UAE with your family members. You can sponsor visas for your spouse, parents, or even children under the age of 18 with the help of a UAE Family Visa. If you work in the UAE, you will most likely need to apply for visas for your children, spouse, and other dependents.

Why Apply for Business setup in dubai?

The majority of working people in the UAE live apart from their families. To work and support their families, many of the people in the UAE are immigrants from other nations. There is a benefit for working professionals using the Family visa services in Dubai. Their families are now able to travel with them.

UAE Family Visas are available to any employer or employee who has a current UAE residency visa. In addition to their immediate family, they can sponsor their entire families. A visa is granted to family members for about two to three years. Before the initial visa expires, the visa may be renewed.

Basic Conditions for Business setup

  • Any ex-pat resident with a valid residency permit may sponsor visas for their families in the UAE.
  • There are no restrictions on what professions can sponsor family visas for expatriate employees. They simply need to meet the wage requirement.
  • The mother will not be able to sponsor the children if the father, who lives in the UAE, meets the requirements.
  • Additionally, you may sponsor the visas of nannies and drivers.
  • At hospitals or healthcare facilities that have received government approval, both the male and female dependents must go through the medical fitness test. The dependents will undergo testing, particularly for HIV and tuberculosis (communicable diseases). Additionally, a defendant will be deported right away if they are determined to be unfit.

Documents Needed for A Business setup in dubai?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs has established the following sponsorship requirements that must be met to apply for a Family Visa Dubai:

  • A copy of each spouse and child’s passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • Pictures of the spouse and kids.
  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID Original.
  • A copy of the Labour contract or Salary Certificate for free zone visa holders.
  • Attested marriage certificate copy (The certificate must be attested by the UAE embassy of the issuing country and Ministry of Foreign affairs in United Arab Emirates).
  • Attested Child’s birth certificate.
  • Ejari or Tenancy Contract.
  • You must provide a written declaration stating that your daughter is single if she is older than 18 years old.

Timeframe For Business setup in dubai?

If you want to apply for a dependent’s residency visa, you must do it within 60 days of arriving in the UAE. Depending on the type of work, a family member will receive a visa valid for a minimum of two to three years. The same visa duration is available to adult males who are pursuing their education and have sponsored their parents. In this instance, regardless of the length of the visa, adult males and their parents are granted residence permits on an annual basis.

A woman can now sponsor family visa services in Dubai if her monthly salary is at least Dh10,000. They will require special authorization from the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD). Additionally, a single mother can also sponsor her child’s visa.


Yes, provided that the appropriate authorities have given their approval. You cannot hold a family visa Dubai if you are outside of the UAE.

The first-degree relative is your brother and sister. This includes your parents, kids, and siblings. You can sponsor their application for a UAE family visa.


In the United Arab Emirates, you will require official employment. You will need to sponsor your family to fulfill the requirement.