Medical Typing Services (DHA) in Dubai, UAE

We are a recognized firm providing DHA Medical Typing in Dubai. We aid our clients in filling out the application form, help them with the necessary paperwork, walk them through the medical examination, and much more. We adhere to the standards set by the Dubai Health Authority.

An Overview of DHA Medical Typing in Dubai

Foreign nationals seeking work permits or residency visas in Dubai must be deemed physically healthy and free of communicable diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. Foreign nationals must present documentation in the form of medical reports from Dubai-based medical examination facilities to prove this.

Certificate of Medical Fitness

Would you like a medical fitness certificate if you are over 17? Consult with our professionals to receive trustworthy services in Dubai that are overseen by the DHA.

Services Of a Normal Medical Typing Center in Dubai

Negotiate the process and steps with our consultants to obtain the medical test for your application for a visa to the UAE.

Dubai DHA VIP Medical Typing

The DHA VIP medical typing Services are necessary to obtain a residence visa. Contact our experts if you have any questions so they can help you further.

How Can We Help You with DHA Medical Typing Services?

From the very beginning to the very end, we must provide you with flawless and complete services for DHA Medical Typing in Dubai. You require appropriate documentation and well-written papers and applications to obtain the best medical facilities. Regarding DHA medical typing services, Supreme Business is available for you around-the-clock.

Why Choose Supreme Pro Services for DHA Medical Typing?

The DHA is crucial to maintaining the nation’s general healthcare system. The Ministry implements various policies, regulations, and plans to improve Dubai’s citizens as a healthcare regulator. A medically fit certification from the accredited medical examination facilities in Dubai is required for foreign nationals entering the country on work visas, residence visas, or immigration.

In Dubai, we have been approved as a medical typing center. We assist our clients with filling out the application form, providing them with the necessary paperwork, assisting them with the medical exam, and much more. As directed by the Dubai Health Authority, we adhere to the rules.

What function do we serve?

We assist you in typing and processing your applications, collect payment for the medical exam, and direct you to the fitness center for additional DHA-mandated requirements.

Where do I go in Dubai to obtain a medical fitness certificate?

Upon completion of the medical fitness, it will be sent to your email address.

How much does the medical examination cost in Dubai?

Depending on how quickly you need the medical report, there are different price ranges. However, the medical fitness test in Dubai typically costs SED 320.

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Any ex-pat legally working in Dubai qualifies for health insurance through their employers. To access medical care in public facilities or government hospitals and clinics, you must have a health card. To apply for the card, you can visit a medical centre or apply online from the DHA. Some of the documents you must have to apply for the medical card includes:

  • Passport details
  • Emirates ID number
  • Copy of your tenancy contract
  • Residence visa
  • Completed application card
  • Two passport photos
The medical card will cost you at least 320 dirhams for adults and 120 dirhams for children under 10.

Having health insurance in Dubai is very vital. You cannot get a UAE residency visa if you do not have proof of valid health insurance. Unlike UAE nationals who enjoy free or low-cost insurance, ex-pats have to pay for public and private insurance. Therefore, talk to your employer to know your health insurance cover and get coverage for your dependents. If you need help setting up a business or getting a residency visa in Dubai, Virtuzone has the right solution for you so that you can focus on what matters. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today.